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How can I find out what has happened to some stock certificates I own and their history?

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I own some forward air stock since 1998. I haven't looked at them for the past 10 years and tried to get information from forward Air. all I could get was the stock split at least 2 or 3 times since then. also that someone(not me) had put in a lost certificate request and they re-issued the certificates but have no trail as to where they were issued or to who. I updated my new address with them and they were supposed to get back to me and have not yet. I have never received any dividends or anything I was supposed to be getting. Is there anything I can do to recover what is mine???

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Normally, you would ask the company's transfer agent to review the shareholder list. But a search on NASDAQ's website doesn't show a transfer agent:

I would suggest then that you compose a letter to the CFO or Shareholder Services director at FWRD explaining the situation. This is yet another good reason NOT to hold stock certificates in physical form. If you get certificates reissued, deposit them in a brokerage account with your local bank or brokerage firm.

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