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How can I find out if there is an outstanding warrant for my arrest?

Fairless Hills, PA |

I was arrested in Trenton, NJ (outside of City Gardens) around 20 years ago for possession (& intent - small amount of marijuana). I was ordered to pay a fine and started a payment plan. I did not pay the full amount. I'm worried that there is still a warrant out. I'm facing a similar charge in PA now, and I'm worried about how the previous mistake 20 years ago will affect me . Thanks.

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Your question is somewhat confusing. It is not clear to me whether you were charged with possession with intent to deliver or possession of a small amount. If you were ordered only to pay a fine it was probably possession of a small amount. However, there may be a big difference in the way they were treated when you didn't pay the fine. You should contact a criminal defense attorney in Trenton. He or she can research the court records and tell you whether there is a warrant, and if so, what you have to do to clear it up. You should get it cleared up as quickly as possible.



Yes, intent to use, not intent to deliver. Thank you for your response.

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