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How can I find out if there is a police report against me in a different city that's 7 hours away from me. What should I do

Los Angeles, CA |

please. My ex claimed that she filed a report but he could be lying also. It would be a police complaint, nothign more, if it exists, so how or where can I find out about this.

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My first question is what type of complaint? Police take reports when there is a crime committed or suspected. If you live 7 hours away the only things you could face would have to do with mail or electronic communications.

Don't talk with her, don't test her, don't email her and you'll be ok

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I am not sure what type, but when I called the cops to file a complaint, the came to my house and took it down even though the threat occurred a month prior it's just that I found out that my ex moved to my state so I notified the police and they took down a report. So this I what I wanted to know...if it's possible to find out if the other side filed one against me based on whatever BS they made up. Thanks.



P.S. the other side might do it for immigration purposes, but we have not seen each other physically for a year, the communication was limited to only emails.


My question to you is why do you want to know? Ammunition in a continuing battle?

If the police took a report and nothing came of it, no big deal. If the police thought there was a crime, you would have heard about it...from them knocking on your door.

Nothing is served by trying to figure out if your ex is lying to you or not. Let it go.

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