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How can i find out if my probation officer is planning to arrest me when i report?

Everett, WA |

im scared to check into probation. i think they are going to arrest me. any way i can find out before i report?

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Probation officers are not police officers, they don't have arrest powers above any citizen.

It sounds like you're concerned you didn't take care of a condition of your probation, perhaps a new criminal law violation or a dirty UA. In that instance you wouldn't be arrested, but would instead get a notice of a court date for you to address those allegations. Incidentally you are entitled to an attorney at this review hearings.

If you have a probation appointment you should probably go. Missing those meetings is a sure way to get a more severe sanction, especially extra jail time. Courts generally do not look fondly at people who purposefully miss those meetings. Good luck!

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You could call and ask. Your question does not contain many facts so I don't know why you think he is going to arrest you. I know one thing for certain -- if you don't check in, them you will be arrested.

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