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How can I find out if my husband has money hidden? How can I find out how much money my son will get? he is 17 .

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How can I find out the cost of our properties? How I can find out if He has or He is dating some body If He is giving Her money?

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Assets search, private investigator or matrimonial attorney would all help


Yes, you can. There are things that he can do to hide them but if he gets caught it will hurt his case.

If he is giving your money to someone else that might be a "spoilation of the estate". You might be entitled to that money back.

Also, there are almost always issues relating to what is community property or separate property. The general rules are simple but the application of them can get quite complex.

Ultimately, these are issues that you will need to discuss with your attorney. You have the right to know what money you have and where it is going but if you do not have an attorney that is willing to enforce that right then your "right" is theoretical and not actual.

My firm always gives free consultations to people in your situation and most other firms have the same policy.


All of the information you seek is available under most circumstances, but must be elicited under the rules of discovery. Though technically possible for one to do without an experienced lawyer, practically speaking it is much more difficult, if not impossible to do. I recommend you hire an experienced attorney in you area to help you through this process, as he/she will be better capable of helping you. Best of luck.

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