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How can I find out if my home sold at auction?

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How can I find out if my home sold at auction?

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Check with the recorder's office to see if a new deed has been recorded or contact the trustee and get the sale details from them.

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The King County Assessor-Treasurer's Office has a very good website. Do a parcel search, it will show you when the property transfer was recorded and who the new taxpayer is. Recording does not happen immediately, so you may want to dig deeper if the auction occurred recently. Elizabeth Powell

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I agree with the previous answers. If the auction was held and the bank did not get offers the property will go to the bank. The deed will be recorded at the county with the successful bidder named as the new owner.
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I agree with the gentleman stating to check with the Auditor/Recorder's office, not the assessor. The Auditor will show the deed being recorded prior to the Assessor changing their information. The trustee that auctioned the property will record a Trustee's deed within 30 days of the sale.

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