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How can I find out if I'm divorced or still married?

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I filed in 1996, but after he was served I never heard anything else about my divorce case. There was no contesting, or any kind of dispute whatsoever. I know he never filed a response after he was served. Is there any way to tell if I am actually divorced or not?

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You can contact the court where you filed, but if you never took any additional steps after you filed trhe original Petition, chances are the dissolution was never completed. If you never got back documents labelled "Judgment" and "Notice of Entry of Judgment", showing that a judge signed the judgment and the clerk entered it, you're very possibly not divorced.



So does that include marriages that did not last over a year


If you filed on your own papers without an attorney and you never filed anything after you served him then chances are you are both still married and the court has probably dismissed the case. Contact the court where you filed (some courts have the information on line) and see what the status is.

Good luck with your situation.

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You need to contact the court where you filed the papers. However, your divorce will not be finalized if no final judgment has been entered.