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How can i find out if i have a warrant out for my arrest in Georgia?

Atlanta, GA |

I was sentenced to do the drug court program and i was in it for up to a month and then they decided to try to move me out of my home and into the homeless shelter because they felt it was best for some reason, which i just never went back after that since i refused to live in a homeless shelter considering i had a perfectly good home to live in at that time... its been a few years ago and my mothers never even been contacted about me going against my bond...

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If you failed to complete a condition of your probation, i.e. drug court, you can expect there to be a probation warrant for your arrest. You should consult and hire a lawyer to help you resolve this situation. Please call me at 404-812-4305 if you want to discuss your case in detail.


Drug court is typically a program that you complete under a sentence. When you entered your plea, you satisfied your bond conditions and your mother is no longer responsible for you as surety. If you had a warrant now because you stopped going to drug court, it would be a probation warrant, not a bench warrant, and your mother would not be contacted about the bond. I would expect that you do have a probation warrant pending against you (your probation has probably been tolled as well). If you have a warrant for your arrest, you have two options: (1) keep doing what you are doing now and someday you will be arrested; or (2) retain an attorney and work it out now. The second option will require turning yourself in at some point, but you are likely to get a lighter punishment than if you wait and get involuntarily arrested. If you retain an attorney, they can find out if you have a warrant pending against you and can help you work it out to get the best resolution possible. Call me if I can be of assistance.

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A lawyer can find out for you; I know that I can. If you did not complete a condition of your probation, i.e. drug court, you probably have a probation warrant for your arrest. You should hire a lawyer to help you resolve this situation; if you are proactive, the consequences can be minimized. Feel free to call me at 770-744-0544 to discuss your case in detail. Good luck.

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I will bet that you gave a warrant. I will also bet that your probation has been "tolled" or STOPPED until you are taken into custody to face the prior sentence.
If you need our help, you can call our 24/7 number, give us additional information (court name, case number, date of sentencing, etc.) and --- for a nominal legal fee --- we can have our investigator get the full story on the situation. I suspect that you live outside of GA or you would have been snagged before now.

William C. Head
Atlanta, GA
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