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How can I find out if I am under removal proceedings?

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The Immigration court automated line 800-898-7180 cant find my alien number. Is there another way to find out?
I moved out of my parents' house when I was 17 (already overstayed my visa), my parents' moved out of there a few years later, and I wasn't aware that I had to submit a change of address application with CIS and I don't know if CIS has tried to contact me since. Should I meet with an immigration officer just to ask if they can tell me if I am?
I'm 7 1/2 months pregnant and want to get everything fixed ASAP. I'm married to my U.S. Citizen husband, and we want to hire a lawyer to help us get the petition and adjustment of status applications filed but I'd like to know if I'm under removal proceedings before I do anything.
The infopass meeting may be the only way I can find out.

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Hire an immigration attorney before you do anything. You should concentrate on your health and the health of your new arrival that will soon be here. Let your lawyer concentrate on getting your status and applications in order.

Good luck.


It is unclear whether you should directly contact the Department of Homeland Security. This may complicate matters. Perhaps, you may consider a Freedom of Information Act ["FOIA"] request, but that may take over a year. The plan to file soon should be more balanced with the risks. Therefore, I strongly recommend an appointment with a candid and experienced immigration attorney before you file anything with the U.S.C.I.S.

In addition, more information is needed. How did you enter the U.S.? There may be other challenges. Did you enter without inspection or papers? If a person is unqualified for adjustment, due to unlawful entry, then they can be placed in deportation. Yet, there are some who can pay a penalty to qualify. If you leave you may be banned from return for ten years. Our office is located in downtown Chicago and limits practice to immigration and visa matters

In general, although a Immigration Court charging document 'may be filed' in immigration court, this does not always happen, as expected. Sometimes, there can be a second alien number. At other times, the charging document remains in the alien file. This situation may result in complications after biometrics are completed. It may work out without those challenges. However, any application and charge that was previously filed should be identified on the forms, which can cause confusion and delay if improperly documented.

The above is general information and does not create an attorney client relationship.

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