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How can i find out if i am a beneficiary to my fathers life insurance

Watertown, NY |

my father just died and i am not sure if i am a beneficiary of his life insurance. I am not sure my step-mother will tell me if i am.

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The executor of the estate has the legal duty to advise you if there is a life insurance policy naming you. Alternatively, if you know the name of the life insurance company and you have a copy of the death certificate, the insurance company may be able to tell you.

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The prior attorney has given you good advise. Also, if you have his check register for the last couple of years, you can see if he paid premiums to a life insurance company and checks may indicate the policy number.
Also, who is the executor/rix of the estate? If it is your step-mother, she ultimately has a duty to deal with all of the assets of the decedent. She would breach her duty if she failed to inform the life insurance company of your father's death and to take the required steps to have the proceeds distributed.

Hope this helps.

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