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How can I find out if a specific person has filed for Divorce?

Spicewood, TX |

Are couples who are divorcing (in Burnett County, TX ) required to file a petition for divorce with the court? Or are there other methods such as online or just working out an agreement with their lawyers? I am trying to find out if my romantic interest has filed for divorce from her spouse as she told me she did. They've been separated for five months or longer. I checked the county court calendar and family case list and didn't find anything under either of their names. Does this mean that she hasn't filed yet?

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Don't know about Texas, but here in NY to start a divorce you need to buy an index number from the county clerk. You can check such records on the internet. An educated guess is Texas is not that different. A divorce is commenced by filing a summons with the court. I suggest you contact the county clerk and inquire.


Most state court systems have databases that you can search for a particular person's name. You can find all cases they've been involved in within that court system, civil or criminal. You may have to go down to your county courthouse and ask a clerk if there's a public terminal you can use to search for such a case.

One other thought, though: If you can't trust your 'romantic interest' enough to just ask her whether she's filed for divorce or not, this relationship likely does not have a much better future.

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In Tx for every divorce one of the spouses must file a petition fr divorce in the county in which they have lived at least 6 months. Check the family law records in the District Clerks office in your county. Some counties are available online, some require a trip to the district clerks office. Good luck. It is possible that they are coming to agreement through attorneys, but there is a 60 -day wait between filing the original petition and the possibility of making it final, so someone still must file.

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It is a matter of public record. Go see Clerk of Court for Chancery and for Circuit Court or whatever names the Court gives for them in Texas. You should be able to find out. Talk to the Clerk. On personal level, if she's lied about that, run. Don't walk. She will never get better.


I agree with Vicki, but would also add that if boyfriend's wife lives in a different county, you should check with that county's clerk's office, as well.

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