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How can I find out how much my part of the healthnet class action lawsuit settlement is?

Chula Vista, CA |

I have called the attorneys office who is handling this case but I cant seem to get an answer to when or how much I will be receiving for my part of this case. The case has been settled for about 4 to 5 years now and they are saying that it takes time to figure out how much each client will be receiving. It seems to me that they have had enough time to figure this out, is the attorney taking there time so that they will be able to get paid for more hours of time spent on the case? I would be happy just to find out how much my part of the settlement will be. If anyone knows how to get more info about this matter I would appreciate hearing from you.

Thank You

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According to the Court's own files and as stated in its ruling granting final approval of the class action settlement, the Health Net class settlement came after seven years of extraordinarily contentious litigation. The Court's docket sheet was 115 pages long, with 141 motions, 283 briefs, 316 other applications, 44 hearings, 11 conferences, and 5 appeals to the Third Circuit. (569 F.Supp.2d 448 (2008).

If you need more information about the settlement - and when you may expect to receive the cash benefits - contact Berdon Claim Adminsitration at 800-906-2811. You can also keep trying class counsel at (800) 573-6651 or by email More information about the settlement can be found at and

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Good Luck, the law firm Berdon Claims keeps telling me they are working on it. All dates have passed yet there is no update info on their web site.

Neil Burnstein Fineman

Neil Burnstein Fineman


Berdon is not a law firm, it's the claims administrator. Contact the actual law firm(s) that were appointed class counsel and ask about the status of the case and disbursements of benefits. There may be a good reason for the delay, such as an appeal of the final approval order. You can fins the contact information for the law firms here:

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