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How can I find an attorney unfortunately pro bono to look at a case of bad faith and fraud on the top home warranty companies?

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There are a few different hw companies involved. 1. The rep used my sole prop as well forged contracts, workers comp waivers etc. I did have a CA exam waiver application at state board for a second license and partnership. There was no license issued for this entity for three plus months. When I requested the contract just finding they existed. He left out key parts but it was clearly fraud. Now I believe its in full. As well he has a past of fraud with my ex employer and operations manager. I do see my ignorance by definition but still believe there is grounds for a suit. I've may loose license in entirety but its already cost me my co. & credibility. Clients dont have the facts, also employers. Pers.lic up to be revoked. Threats, financial loss from anotherWarranty. Docs on hand

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You can call the CA State Bar, or try any of the many CA legal aid organizations.

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Most bad faith plaintiff's lawyers handle cases on contingency if you have a good case. Look up some bad faith claims attorney to discuss your case.

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I have looked up claims and made contact mostly email. Some just want class action. One suit I found has the same rep as a witness. He lied on court record.