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How can I find an attorney to sue Ebay?

Claremont, NH |

I sold new televisin on Ebay in Jan.2012. The buyer claimed it was broken when received and UPS driver had looked at it and agreed. He had it at his home over 12 hours before reporting issue, was told to order inspection which he did an then canceled. He opened a dispute to get his money back and I did everything I could to work this out with him. Was told I would return his money if he could prove claim, he could not but Ebay sided with him anyway, an was told he did not have to prove he was telling the truth. On the other hand I can prove his dishonesty and that Ebay allowed it. I have kept all paperwork including his last email to me where he clearly states that no one ever looked at the set at all. I am out almost a $1000 because Ebay refused change findings. I need help now please.

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Essentially this is a contract law dispute. Contract Law is a little different in each state. You need to talk to a local attorney who deals with Contract Law issues. You can look for one here on Avvo under the Find a Lawyer tab. Or you can call your local attorney's Bar Association and ask for a referral to a Contract Law attorney near you. But act quickly because for every legal right you have, there is only a limited amount of time to actually file a case in court or your rights expire (it's called the statute of limitations), so don't waste your time getting to an attorney and finding out what your rights are. If this answer was helpful, please give a “Vote UP” review below. And be sure to indicate the best answer to your question so we can all be sure we are being helpful. Thanks for asking and Good Luck. Ron Burdge,

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