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How can I find an attorney to sue Bank of America regarding the class action lawsuit that I was not made aware of re: OD fees?

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I am very frustrated regarding BoA's overdraft implementing tecniques. I have 3 accounts with them and have plenty of money to cover my spending in the accounts. BoA is charging me a fee because my "overdraft protection" cannot be set up checking to checking. Only checking to savings. When I had the protection set up checking to savings, BoA sent me a notice that they were going to change my savings into a checking because my transactions exceeded 6. I called to verfiy that my other 2 checking accts were linked for overdraft. I was assured that they were. I am not being charged $175 in fees as the money was not in the savings. I was NOT informed of the class action lawsuit that I WOULD have joined BY 05/01/09. I have SO many other issues!

As a BofA customer, I was not notified of the recent class action lawsuit which had the deadline of 05/01/09. Their practices of "higher" transaction amount paid first is a sham. This put me back 5 $35 fees while I have over $1000 sitting in my bil pay checking acct. The cust svc rep stated that they do this so mortgage pymts and car pymts can get pd first as they think this is the customer's intention. I said, if I did not have the money in my debit card acct, why was I able to use it with my PIN number and have the transactions approved? This is a scandalous way for BofA to get "free" money. Especially when I had the money in my OTHER acct and was told by 2 previous reps that I had "overdraft protection" and my account were linked.

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Contact the lawyers handling the BofA class action - they may start another one with a new batch of plaintiffs who missed getting into the one in May. This happens often.

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