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How can i find a probono attorney for a drug case that i am not guilty of?

Russellville, AR |
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You would likely need a public defender. Attorneys cases pro bono unless there is something very unique about the case or the situation.


If you are in need of an attorney and constitutionally entitled to one, the court will appoint one for you. It is up to the court. Take proof of your income, any disability, expenses, etc to court with you.

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When you appear before the Court for your plea and arraignment, request that the Court appoint a public defender to represent you. The Court will inquire into your financial resources and likely have you complete an affidavit of indigence.

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If you are indigent- which means something more than you just don't have extra money for a lawyer- the Court will appoint a lawyer, probably from the Public Defender's office, to represent you if you ask. That likely won't happen until your first Court appearance. There are benefits to hiring a lawyer to represent you. I would advise you to talk to one immediately.

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As the other folks have pointed out, if you are indigent, you are entitled to a public defender if there is a chance you could be incarcerated. Generally, there is a chance of incarceration on a drug case. You do not mention whether this is a felony or misdemeanor case, or whether you have had plea and arraignment already. If you had plea and arraignment and the court refused to appoint the public defender, then see if you can find an attorney to help you on a payment plan. Most will not, but some will. But whatever you do, do not go into court on a drug charge without an attorney. Drug convictions carry all sorts of other penalties (loss of federal financial aid, loss of driver's license in Arkansas for six months, among others).

Good luck.

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