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How can I find a pro bono attorney to help get my kids out of foster care?

Vancouver, WA |

I live in Wa state, my 2 children were taken from there mother in Oregon. I have been trying to complete an ICPC so they can be placed with me but was denied. Now they want me to relinquish my parental rights so they can put the kids up for adoption. I need help!

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In a dependency matter, if you qualify financially, you will be assigned an attorney. You need to request an attorney from the court and will most likely need to fill out a financial affidavit to qualify for a court appointed attorney. If you hire a private attorney make sure thay have experienced in dependency court. Dependencies are highly specialized and a general family law attorney is most likely not going to be familiar enough with the different laws in regard to dependencies to assist you.

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The court did originally assign me an attorney but he left his firm and I have gotten a new lawyer 3 times since then, and I dont feel I am being adequately represented, like they are not really trying to help me.