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How can I find a leaving the scene of accident record in Texas from 1992 when WI DMV no longer has records?

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Recently, my husband, a semi driver from WI, received a drunk driving citation. We then received a letter in the mail from the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles stating that on October 13, 1992 he was cited and December 3, 1992 convicted, of a ‘Commercial failure to stop after an accident causing property damage’. Apparently, he had also lost his CDL for one year (Dec. 3, 1992 to Dec. 3, 1993) though he never received notification of this fact at the time, nor did the trucking firm he worked for in that period of time. Since he now has two major violations on his record, he will lose his commercial driver’s license for life. We can find no records of this incident and need a letter of negation from whomever in Texas. How do we go about this?

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You need to start by requesting a copy of his Wisconsin driver’s license.

This may or may not have the ticket information from the municipality he received the ticket from.

Good luck.

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Posted I urge you to contact Atty. Roberta Heckes at that link. She is a former over the road driver and specializes in these kinds of things with great success.


He should retain a local "traffic court lawyer" to fight it.

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