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How can I find a lawyer to represent a charge(s) against the State of Maryland. The cases are Discrimination and Wrongful Termi

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I just received a write to sue letter with one of my charges against the State of Maryland after filing the discrimination charge my employer retaliated in many ways and then terminated me without personnel and given me any reason except that I have diabetes and that they cannot accommodate a diabetic; I was already working in position that accommodate me for approximately eight years. No problems, no sickness, no nothing.

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A lawyer will need to know much more information in order to assess your matter for litigation. See as a reference to look for attorneys who may be able to assist you.

I cannot make any commitment to represent you; however, I will consider it if you send me a copy of the documents you filed to support your disability discrimination and retaliation claims, and the determination in your matter.

steve lebau
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NELA is an organization of labor and employment attorneys that are dedicated to representing generally Plaintiffs in such matters.

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To the extent that the employer states that you were terminated on account of its inability to accommodate you, when the accommodation was sufficient for the previous eight years, that suggests that there could be a real problem with the employer's explanation. You should definitely contact counsel to try to get represented. Your time limit will expire quickly now that you have already received a right to sue letter.

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