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How can I find a lawyer that will sue the North Carolina Police station?

New Bern, NC |

A few months ago my brother , who is mentally disabled was walking from the store and a police officer stopped him and through him over the hood of the car - searched him and threatened him - My brother was terrified . The next day I called to speak with the captain of the of the police station to issue a complaint - I asked if there had been any calls from the store or surrounding areas - that would give an officer the right to search a citizen in this manner - he said " no " . . . He went on to say that he would make the officer apologize to my brother and ease his fears - The Officer did apologize . Last night , the same officer came to arrest another client at the resistive living center where my brother lives - That client grabbed my brother . The officer did not appear to use any type of hostage protocol

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I'm not sure what you want to sue them for--that is, what is the basis of your lawsuit? Do you think that this officer has something against your brother (based on the previous incident you briefly described), and, for that reason failed "to use any type of hostage protocol"? Could it be that the officer's failure to do so has to do with the fact, perhaps, this was not a hostage situation? Simply grabbing someone is not the same as grabbing someone, putting a gun to their head, and threatening to shoot them if his/her demands were not met.

In any case, you can always search for a local civil rights attorney using Avvo's "Find a Lawyer" tool.

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