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How can I find a lawyer for a enforcer lawsuit?

Houston, TX |

My ex wife still owes me 7,500 dollars and will not pay. I was told to file an enforcer against her. I have never heard of this and live in another state than her.

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Let me start off by saying an "enforcer lawsuit" is not a concept with which I'm familiar. Based on my understanding, the term "enforcer" refers to a person or a company that attempts to collect on a judgment; it is not a type of lawsuit.
In Texas, if you already have a judgment, you may ask the court to enter a turn over order and appoint a "receiver" to collect on the judgment for you.
If you do not already have a judgment, you would need to file a regular lawsuit to get a judgment.

I hope this information answers your question. If you need more information, simply add a comment or call me. Good luck!


I would clarify where the judgment is from and also where the wife is located. In Texas, if the judgment is in Texas, you would need to record the judgment, then ask for a writ of execution to attempt to collect on the judgment.