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How can I file for divorce from an illegal alien that was deported?

Ridgewood, NJ |

I would like to know how to obtain a divorce from an illegal alien that was deported almost 3 years ago. The divorce would be from New Jersey and we do have a child together for whom he does not send finacial support to.any help would be greatly appreciated,

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You need to consult a New Jersey family attorney. The process of service requirement will probably take extra time as he most likely needs to be served with the divorce papers out of the country.

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I have done several divorces out of the country. As My colleagues ataree, proper legal service is the difficult Part. How we go about it, depends On your particular facts. A consultation would be good.


You may also want to discuss with your attorney "substituted service". If he was deported, service might be accomplished in an alternate way.

Robert Ricci, Jr., Esq.
Rahway, New Jersey

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If you can locate him to have him served or he's willing to sign, his living outside the country is irrelevant.

If you can't locate him, you'll have to proceed by publication. It can be tricky, and many judges have different standards for the hoops you'll have to jump through to provide you diligently tried to locate him. When the judge approves it, you'll publish a notice in the newspaper and that will be considered "service" of the complaint.

It's probably easier and quicker to do this through counsel - it shouldn't cost much if the terms are contested. If there's already an order (FD) as to custody, support, parenting time (etc), then you will just continue to terms of it in the divorce. To make the job easier for the attorney (and therefore cheaper for you), do your "homework" now on locating him - ask relatives (in writing and email), run internet searches, etc... do everything you can to prove you tried to find him. As I said, different judges require different things to prove you exhausted all efforts before they'll let you proceed via publication.

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