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How can I file a small succession without the expense of an attorney

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my husband died in march 2013 in Louisiana where we lived. we co-own one acre of land valued at $7000.00 he left no will. he has two grown daughters. I understand I get half and they get the other half when it is sold... I only have social security coming therefore no money for attorney... there was no life insurance...

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Where is the property located? Because Texas intestate (no will) heirship is different than Louisiana. Additionally, in Texas, an affidavit of heirship may suffice to pass title to real estate.

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property is in louisiana

Kendall Shane Cockrell

Kendall Shane Cockrell


You may want to re-post this with the louisiana parish as the location. The laws are entirely different there.


You need to consult with a Louisiana lawyer about this (if that is where the property is located). If you cannot afford one, check with the local bat association on how to find a pro bono lawyer in the area.

You MAY be eligible to use the Louisiana small affidavit procedure, which means no court proceeding is required, but there are several things that must be true for that.

I realize it is hard to justify a lawyer on your budget and for only a $7,000 piece of property, but I doubt you have much choice.

By the way, your understanding of the proceeds may not be exactly correct.

Good luck.


re-post this with a Louisiana address and you well get better responses. These laws vary drastically from state to state an Louisiana is in a world of its own.

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