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How can I fight this medical overcharge bill?

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I believe My medical bill was overcharged :1. they enrolle emergency level 3 and 4 just in my bill one month after I had asked for exact amount. I havent been emergency patient but they charged me because i have been examined in emergency room by physician instead of ophthalmologist. i had a prescription and medicine but I needed to have the dust speck removed from my eye. They made an estimation 149.00 usd and later increased to $1800.
2. They did not have an ophthalmologist and referred one out of the medical center, but they still charged me for referral $590. I had the foreign body removed out of my eye for 125 usd total when I visited the referred ophthalmologist.
How i can cancel the debt for $2400 they try to put on me for service I didn't receive.

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You need to dispute the bill. Before doing so, you might want to check with the doctor's office who gave you the prescription and discuss the amounts you were charged. If the doctor's office thinks you were overcharged, write a dispute letter and send it certified mail You should be able to negotiate some reduction in your bill but will be liable for the "reasonable value" of the medical services you received.

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If the debt has been turned over to a third party debt collection, you can dispute the validity of the debt under the FDCPA (1692g). Do this in writing. Advise you dispute the debt and ask for verification. Send the letter certified to prove it was received. Many times, the debt collector will continue to collect prior to proper validation. If they do this, you have a cause of action against them and could use that as leverage to settle the dispute and move on with your life.

If this is not a third party debt collector but the actual creditor (i.e., the person who provided the service) then there is not a per se validation right (or an explicit cease and desist right for that matter) but you can still say in writing that you dispute the debt and ask for clarification as to why you owe the amount they allege you owe. If they ignore your request and still keep blindly collecting the debt, a good argument can be made for a violation of the FCCPA, Section 559.72(7).

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