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How can I fight this and should I try to fight this

Blairsville, PA |

I recently got my 2nd DUI as a minor. The officer asked me if I knew why he pulled me over. I said no sir. He said " you were driving with your headlights off". Now the headlights on my truck are automatic. You physically/manually have to turn them off. I know for a fact that they were on otherwise I wouldn't of been able to see to pull out of my back ally being that its pitch black. If I fought this could I succeed. I also got my truck inspected 3 to 4 days after my arrest. Point being, how could I pass inspection with non-functioning headlights.

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This is a serious matter and you need to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney. If you cannot afford a private attorney then apply for a public defender. Additionally, you must stop posting factual information on line. If you have an alcohol or drug problem it would be advisable to have it addressed now. Good luck.


The charges can be serious. You need to hire an attorney and address this question to him or her. Don't try to do it yourself picture theory that the lights malfunctioned

All information provided in this comment is intended for informational purposes only and does not, by itself, create an attorney client relationship. If you wish to consult with an attorney, or have any questions concerning this comment, please feel free to contact our offices through any of the above contact sources.


I agree with my colleagues. An attorney will not only be able to present evidence about your headlights, if it is relevant, he or she will be able to make any other arguments that may benefit you.


You absolutely need to consult with any attorney. It is important to understand that DUI penalties escalate with each additional DUI adjudication or conviction. You certainly want to thoroughly discuss any available defense issues because a second offense DUI could be problematic for you. Also, significantly, if you are convicted (or adjudicated delinquent as a juvenile) for this DUI and are arrested for another DUI in the future, that DUI could count as your third and subject you to a possible 1-year mandatory sentence in a state prison. Your juvenile judge will likely want to see that you are addressing any substance abuse issue so be sure to discuss that with you lawyer as well. Good luck.

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