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How can i fight for custody of my child if i cant afford a lawyer and my childs father can

Wilson, NC |

i sent my daughter to visit her father for christmas and when i went to get her i was served with custody papers, the custody case started in detroit and i live in north carolina now and he lives in mississippi i was served with papers in mississippi and when i go to court i have to travel to mississippi the last time i went to court they awarded him temperary custody he has a lawyer and i dont cause i cant afford one what can i do i don't want to loss custody of my daughter

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You can always ask the court to have the father advance you attorney fees and court costs since he is in a more stable financial situation. In the alternative, you can also seek Legal Aid or other legal institutions for individuals that are unable to afford an attorney and that will not charge you. If some charge, it is very minimal. Keep in mind that the orders are temporary. You still have a chance, so do not give up.

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