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How can I evict and keep myself safe from a harassing boarder in my private home?

Green Lane, PA |

I have a boarder renting a room in my private home. She has repeatedly entered my personal space including my bedroom, left a mess every where in the house, smoked in the house, caused problems with the neighbors. She has also put my pets at risk by leaving the front door open for hours at a time. I have told her that she needed to leave and her behavior has gotten worse. How can I keep myself, my pets and my property safe?

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Do you have a written lease with this person? Is she paying monthly rentals? If this is a landlord and tenant relationship, give her written notice to vacate the premises. Thereafter, file an eviction complaint with the local District Justice to remove her from the premises. If she is entering areas of your home without permission, call the local police and have them speak to her. Review this matter with an attorney before taking action against this person.

You should contact your own attorney before deciding on a course of action.