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How can I escape a psychologically and emotionally abusive parent? (Almost 18 and broke)

Greenville, SC |

My father, up until a couple years ago, has always been an "absentee" parent. He lived in the house but acted as though I did not exist and showed little, if any, interest in my physical or emotional well-being. (I have had therapy off and on for years to deal with issues brought on by physical abuse and neglect from before I came to live with him.)
I am in therapy now and am medicated for anxiety and depression. My father exacerbates my issues with frequent violent outbursts (he does not hit me; he attacks inanimate objects) and daily insults and lewd comments. I have no money and no place to stay, but this is an extremely destructive environment in which to live, and it's been all I can do not to kill myself. How can I get away from him without ending up on the street?

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If you are in therapy and your therapist knows about it, it should be addressed by the therapist. Talk to your therapist directly about your home situation and ask for an intervention. You can also talk to your school counselor or nurse. If there is no response, you can call your state's equivalent of child and family services, but expect to be removed from your home and placed in foster care if you do that. You might not return home. Calling family services is a serious act, similar in effect to accusing your parent of a crime, which will start an investigation, and should be a last resort.

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