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How can I ensure that a NY Durable Power of Attorney will be fully honored in Florida, including for real estate transactions?

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Does a NY Durable power of attorney need to include specific language or have other specific characteristics (a certain number of witness, e.g.) in order to guarantee that it will be enforced in Florida for ALL financial transactions. This includes selling property.

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In general, all states will honor a validly-executed New York power of attorney.

If you plan on spending substantial time in Florida, or conducting substantial business there, perhaps you should also consider executing the Florida form.

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Attorney Sciacca is correct. Unfortunately, each Power of Attorney requires a third party to honor it to make it effective. While the New York Power of Attorney should be valid throughout the 50 states, it'll depend on the bank officer, the person reviewing the brokerage account, etc. as to whether it will actually work the way you want it to. As Attorney Sciacca suggested, if you're going to spend a great deal of time in Florida, having a standard Florida Power of Attorney is a good idea because the banks/brokers down there will have seen it quite a bit and, thus, are more likely to easily honor it. Good luck to you.

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Since Florida deeds require two witnesses, a NY DPOA must also have two witnesses to be accepted for real property transactions. The best thing to do is sign a Florida specific power of attorney, as using it will likely avoid a number of problems.