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How can i dispute things that been on my credit for over ten years.

Desoto, TX |

i looked at my credit report and i see that companies from over ten years ago have re-entered they can i dispute them.

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Great questions. Additional information is necessary with respect to the age of the tradelines. At first blush, it sounds like some of this information must be removed based upon age. Here is a link to how long information may remain on your report under federal law:;jsessionid=FA0522BB7126CEFCFB37BDC862741EBD.

And here is a link with instructions on how to dispute errors or outdated information on your report:;jsessionid=FA0522BB7126CEFCFB37BDC862741EBD

All the best to you!

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Amy Lavonne Wells

Amy Lavonne Wells


With due respect to my colleagues, having litigated many cases involving credit reporting issues, I would encourage you make your disputes by mail so you can provide supporting documentation (which will increase the likelihood your problem gets resolved). The problem with the online dispute mechanism is that you can not provide all relevant information to address the issue. In my experience, consumers also have a hard time getting a copy of this dispute. It's a little extra work, but I suggest making your dispute by mail and keeping copies of everything, just in case. Good luck to you!


Filing a dispute is just as simple as following the instructions on the credit report. Either make your dispute in writing or make it on the credit bureau website. Hope this perspective helps!


Register on line with the credit reporting agencies and then start to dispute the information in the report. Very easy as long as you have email and computer.

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