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How can I defend my action of yelling at a teenage student, who hit my right knee? I was mad but never threaten him just loud.

Little Rock, AR |

I am a school bus aide. I have been having trouble with this young student all year. The day of the incident he was laying with his feet across the aisle near a small 9 yr old, who he had kicked a week before this. After ignoring many commands to move his feet, I got up and sat in the seat he had his feet in. I felt his foot hit my right knee and thought he was kicking me. I jumped up and started yelling at him"don't you ever kick me again." The police were called but we were told to write him up and continue to school. He was suspended for two days. His mother wanted to watch the video of the incident, and when my supervisor reviewed it they suspended me with recommendation of termination. They will not let mother see video and said I went to far by yelling at him. I never touched h

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It is hard to assess without seeing the video--did you use profanity, how long did you yell etc. You should have asked your supervisors if you could be transferred to another bus route that does not include this kid since you say you've had problems with him for a while--this was a powder keg ready to get ignited. If you are a member of a union, see if a union rep can help. Since you are under recommendation for termination, I would suggest a consultation with a plaintiff employment lawyer. Many give free consultations, check beforehand. Use the "find a lawyer" tool on this site and your local bar association is a good referral source too.

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