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How can I contest denial of health insurance. I was rejected because of a pre-exising condition discovered between plans (checku

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I had applied for a new health insurance on Aug 29th 2012, as my previous insurance was going to expire on 31st Aug. I had got a blood test done on Aug 24th, that showed a medical condition (hyperthyroidism), and the doctor suggested further testing, a day before I applied for new insurance. I mentioned all these details in the new application. It was rejected, stating that because I have the condition, I cannot be given insurance.
When I applied to another company, they said if I applied within 63 days from the previous insurance expiration date, I can still be considered. Then after I applied, they asked me to get the suggested test done and re-apply.
I am not sure of what the law is regarding pre-existing conditions, and whether the rejection from the insurance company was right.

This is not my case, but I am asking on behalf of a friend

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This is one of the situations that will be addressed by the Affordable Care Act - but not until 2014. In the meantime there is a great deal of good information available at the US Government website linked below. Even those with pre-existing conditions can qualify for some plans.

Good luck.

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My friend with the pre-existing condition is not a U.S. Citizen - he has a student visa with a OPT work permit (I might be slightly wrong about the exact terms, but I'm repeating what I think he's said) and has very legal temporary employment at a hospital, the same one at which he had his checkup, and where he was first denied insurance. Do you think he would qualify for these plans as a non-USC?



It looks like my friend does not qualify - he has not been without coverage for 6 months (it's only been about 2 so far..) But I guess I will forward this information to him anyway. Thank-you so much.

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