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How can I confirm my workers compensation benefits?

Atlanta, GA |

I have been out of work due to a work related injury. Before my doctor release I was forced to return to work or be terminated. Desperate to keep my job, I returned only to experience another work-related injury and was hospitalized. The job denied work my w/c claim but approved to pay for my medicines. Is this normal worker's comp. procedure or could I be legible for benefits as well.

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An attorney would certainly need more facts than what you have given, but you are potentially entitled to benefits and medical treatment for the first injury and/or the second injury you sustained upon your return to work. You would need to contact a Georgia workers' compensation attorney to address the specifics of your case.


You could certainly be eligible for benefits. It sounds like your employer or their workers' compensation insurer is denying at least one of your claims. It is possible that they are denying you disability benefits but still paying for medical treatment. There are remedies available to you including the option of requesting a hearing with the State Board of Workers' Compensation. Given the two injury dates that you mention as well as the denial of at least disability benefits, I think you are probably going to need to talk to an attorney to decide how to proceed with your case.


If you were denied benefits - and it sounds like you were - then I'd suggest talking to a workers' compensation attorney about your next step. You may be able to get benefits, but the insurance company certainly isn't going to help you. An experienced work injury attorney will know how to negotiate on your behalf and represent you at a hearing if necessary. I can recommend someone if you need a referral. Feel free to call. 1-800-807-9530. Good luck.