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How can I collect overdue rent from former tenant? They did not leave their forwarding address? Can I demand for the late fee?

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I filed and eviction proceeding in Georgia. The tenants moved out on the weekend after the Sheriff served the court notice. But they did not leave their forwarding address. They only paid for 2 months rent and did not pay January and Febuary rent plus $217.15 additional rent due from Dec. 2008. They moved out on Feb. 7, 2009. How can I collect overdue rent? The total money for the 1 year lease term is 13,200. The total rent they pay only for is $2082.85. The lease says $50/day late fee. How to calculate the late fee? What process I need to do to collect overdue rent and how much can I ask for? Moreover, do I need to cancel the eviction proceeding case since they already moved out now? If I need to file in small claim court, how much can I ask for? For the total amount of the lease term? Or just the two month+ rent and late fee? Please help!! Thank you in advance.

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You should absolutely hire an attorney to asssist you with these types of matters, there are entirely too many variables for anyone to assist you with via email, most importantly a thorough review of your lease. I highly recommend that you do not file anything in court in the future without first hiring a lawyer.

You can find general information regarding evictions in Georgia at my website and blog, links below.

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