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How can I clean or hide my criminal record

Orlando, FL |

In 1995 I was convicted of Sexual Battery and Attempted Sexual Battery in Orlando Fl. I was 17yrs. old when the cases happen but 21 when convicted. I did everything the Court sentence me but I keep losing jobs or not even getting hired because of my record. I explain that I was 17 and I'm now 36 with no other marks on my record. Is there hope?

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It is not very likely that you could have your record sealed as you state the facts. Many such crimes are statutorily prohibited from being sealed even if all other factors are satisfied. I have not specifically checked the crimes you cite, but you can check the FDLE website section on sealing and expunging yourself easily enough. Check the link below.


There are a couple of levels to helping you. First, as far as sealing and expunging, violations of Chapter 794 (ie. sexual battery) are exempted. Therefore, as far as "cleaning or hiding" your record, the only one who can help you is the governor himself through a different process. Second, since you were 17, if your victim was within 4 years of you in age, you may be eligible to at least get yourself taken off the sexual offender registry. It's the new Romeo and Juliet law at 943.04354, but it may not happen for you because it is a sexual battery charge (even though 794.011 is something that is eligible for this) because of the federal law it relies upon inquires about whether the act was consensual or not...


I agree with Will, you may have to contact the Governor's Office of Clemency to assist you in your efforts, though even they can only help you restore certain rights, such as your voting rights, not erase the records (but, it never hurts to have the official documentation that your rights have been restored, etc etc....).

Good Luck,

John Guidry


Get copies of the court file for yourself and for the governor's office. They are not cheap. In the meantime you have to tell employers what happened and explain that it was wrong, but you were young, it was a long damn time ago, you hopefully have not broken the law since--other than a speeding or traffic tickets. You can hire an attorney to write to the governor's office for you and collect all this information. Then as one of the other guys said, at least you can show an employer that you tried your best to fix things.