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How can i Change a Judge Mind in family law

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Just a little background on my question is, trying to keep a diagnose father with pedifilia by two Phd doctors away from a baby girl. A little baby girl that has come home with blood in her diaper and many times bruises on her inner thigh. The judge does not care and is trying to throw out the doctors reports because he feels sorry for the father. The judge won't let my lawyer talk that much lets the other lawyer interupt mine. Anyways the judge has giving overnights with the father now knowing the the doctors has advised him to have the father supervised visit with a third non- interested party and never leave the baby alone with the father. Tried to go to the Supreme Court and they dismissed my writ. I need help Please help me! Thank you

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This makes no sense. Do not allow "father" within earshot. Contact an attorney now. In the mean time, if the father shows up, call the police and your attorney.


If and when the baby comes whome with bruises on her thigh and blood in her diaper you need to contact CPS (Child Protective Services ) and LVMPD Abuse and Neglect.

If your lawyer can't make himself heard in court, then perhaps you need a new lawyer.

The only way to change a judge's mind is to have the appeals court change it for him/her via a writ or a reversal on appeal or new evidence which would necessitate a new hearing.

You might look into filing a complaint against the judge if you think that he is violating one of the judicial canons such as not devoting enough time to your case. This would probably be a last resort. Complaints against judges are not based upon not liking the decision, there has to be a rule broken by the judge.

Mary Katherine Brown

Mary Katherine Brown


As always, the highest regard should be given to the information provided by your local attorneys.