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How can I bring not just my fiancé but my childern's Daddy back home to the U . S . A . after being deported back to Mexico ?

Stockton, CA |

My fiancé was deported back to Mexico in 2011 for 2 D . U . I . s and has nothing else on his record . I have a 2 year old son with him and 2 daughters that are not his but he has raised them like his own and we miss him dearly . Is it possible to bring him back legally ? And if so what do I have to to do or what has to be done to bring him back , He is a hard working man that will work how many jobs he needs to and work however hard he needs to just to provide for his family . SOME PLEASE HELP ME !

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This is posted in the wrong category.


This is a kind of a situation when giving advices on AVVO is not going to help you. Find an Immigration attorney in California or elsewhere. Have a chat with him or her. If you cannot afford one, try to convince people to help you pro bono.


In order to pursue bringing him back legally, you will have to consult with an immigration attorney. Good luck.

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