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How can I break my rental lease?

Milwaukee, WI |

My landlord has given me 2 options, to get rid of my dog or to vacate the premises (Prior to moving here 3 years ago, I was given a verbal agreement that I can keep my dog, I should've had it written in ink, lesson learned). I want to break my lease but I'm unsure as to how and what I can say or do so that there's no open end to this. I am willing to put up another month's rent so they can have time to clean or do what ever is necessary to clean the place for the next tenant. However, they're not giving me a definite answer as to how long it'll take before they'll find a new tenant. Once they do, will I still be held accountable for the rental unit? Thank you.

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Attorney answers 2


The landlord, by law, can't collect rent from you and the new tenant at the same time.


If the landlord is giving you two options, then take one of the options. It sounds to me like the landlord is kicking you out, so there is no reason for you to continue to be responsible for rent. If the dog has been there for 3 years, he cannot now say that you can't have it there.

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