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How can I best help my son get his Navy General Discharge with comment "committed serious offense" overturned?

Plano, TX |

At the recommendation of his Navy legal council my son accepted an Article 15 while at the Naval Academy Prep School for calling a fellow officer candidate a "dirty little Mexican" while playing in the dormitory. He was told that the worst that could happen was expulsion from the program and was not advised that his O-6 commander was presiding and that due to his rank gave him unlimited punishment options. My son had served honorably and been deployed while on active duty for 2 years prior to joining the Academy program. He understands that he was wrong but the punishment is like getting a life sentence for shoplifting. Its excessive.

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In order to have the characterization of discharge corrected or upgraded the only option you have it to apply to the Board for Correction of Naval Records in Washington D.C. I currently have a case pending before the Board and am very familiar with the process. Feel free to give me a call to discuss further. The initial consultation is always free. You can find out more information at the following website: