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How can i be sure I hire the right lawyer. I have been charged with first degree rape of a child.

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my ex has accused me of raping her daughter. and taken my baby from me. there is no evidence the d a is basing this on there testimony and a porn tape my ex and I made. we are both of legal age. my life has been taken from me and i am afraid for my life. my ex set me up to cover the fact that she is an abusive mother. she has several cps reports against her already. my testimony would probably get her busted. so she through me under the bus to save her own ass.

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The best way is to meet in person with several lawyers, asking them about their experience. See who you are comfortable with and who is experienced in that area if the law. Good luck.

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You can never be absolutely sure, but you should talk to several different lawyers by phone or in person and hire the one with whom you're most comfortable.


You need to review lawyers' experience to find someone who specifically knows child sex abuse cases and has tried them before. This is a very dangerous area of the law for you. It carries a sentence of life in prison with the possibility of parole after a period of time. A lawyer need to be very familiar with the law of these cases. Once you know of their experience, you should meet with them individually and find one you are personally comfortable with. If you cannot afford a private lawyer with experience, you may be better off with a public defender who has the experience.


Have a sit down with several attorneys and interview them to see with whom you will want to represent you in these very serious cases. Good Luck.



I agree with what Lenell said. Of particular note is what she said at the end. An experienced public defender may represent you much better than a cheap private attorney or an expensive one who does not have the fund of knowledge or experience required for this type of case.

If you hire someone, make sure they have not just handled these types of cases but they are willing to share with you some experiences where they took them to a jury trial and they lost. Yes, LOST. A good criminal defense lawyer takes the tough cases to trial, and yes, they lose a lot of them because the case is not winnable. But they are good because they are not afraid to take it to trial, and they fight all the way. Having said that, a good criminal defense attorney is also an effective negotiator and has the judgment to know when a case should not go to trial. Many cases need to be settled to obtain the best outcome for the client. A good criminal lawyer also is someone who wins cases on dispositive motions, essentially making some cases disappear on one or more pretrial motions. The lawyers who do this often get good deals offered on cases prior to having to do all the work to prepare a case for trial because the prosecutor knows what they are in for from this lawyer if they don't have a solid case to obtain a conviction.

So this is a long answer to your question, but essentially I suggest you research the credentials and work experience of each lawyer and don't be afraid to ask them for cases they won, lost, settled, etc.