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How can I avoid my husband to go to jail for domestic violence

Brandon, FL |

Me and my husband got into a fight, and he just put his hands on my neck, and was about to choke me, and bc I wanted to scare him, I called the cops. He wasn't home when the cops got here, so he didn't got arrested, but the police officer told me that he will get arrested.My neck was red because of the allergy I have and not because of my husband, and the police officer took pictures, even if i told him, that is an allergy. My husband never was arrested, and he never did anything bad,I was the one that started the fight I just called the cops, and now I dont know what will happen, but I dont want him to get arrested. We both are scared, and I feel so stupid for calling the cops. What I can do now, to avoid all this?

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If there is a warrant out for your husband's arrest, there is nothing you can do. You should either go to a bail bondsman right away, post the bond and then have your husband turn himself in at the jail. This will avoid being caught by surprise. If it is a domestic violence case, he may want to see the Judge at initial appearance so you can be present. The Judge will probably order no contact between the 2 of you so you should be there to tell the Judge that you want contact with your husband. Finally you can file a motion to reduce the bond or withdraw the warrant. If you can get a court hearing before your husband gets arrested this may be helpful.