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How can I annulled my marriage or dissolved ?

Panorama City, CA |

I Have been married for just 30 days, but we don't live together, and we don't have any sexual activity, he still live in his place, we don't have nothing to keep this marriage going, we never communicate, hi is on his world , i do love him with all my heart but, looks like he doesn't love me at all. I need to know please how can i get this over. We don't have children.

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Grounds for an annulment in most states is that one spouse refuses or has an inability to consummate the marriage. Basically, this means that one spouse refuses to have sex with the other spouse. Since that is your situation, contact a lawyer to start the process. Doing so quickly, within just a few weeks of marriage, is your best approach. Do not wait to protect your rights.

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Good luck to you.

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Below is a link to the California Court's Self-Help Center. It looks like a great site to get forms and to learn about the specific process. One interesting thing about it is that you actually have to prove grounds for an annulment, you can't just say "irreconcilable differences." With a divorce you don't have to prove anything. A divorce may be easier for you, especially if you have to do it yourself.

I have also linked for you the LA County Courts website for family law self-help. Note that an annulment is actually called "nullity of marriage."

I hope all goes well for you.