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How can I (PRO SE) subpoena my ex's bank statements in Brevard county, Florida?

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I am sure my ex is working under the table, making more money than he claims. I know for sure that his bank statements will reflect his income. I would like him to bring those statements to trial.
1. Can I subpoena him personally? 2. Do I need judge's permission? Thanx.

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You do not have to subpoena these, they should be provided to you under mandatory disclosure. If he does not comply, you submit a motion to compel. Another way of doing this, is to take his financial affidavit an show that it is incredible, that his expenses far exceed what he has reported as his income, and that he goes, for instance, $650 per month into the hole.

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Robert Jason De Groot

Robert Jason De Groot


Read the mandatory disclosure rule and know that you must also comply with it.



Should I just tell the Judge of these discrepancies or file a motion to compel exposing facts from his financial affidavit?


Florida Family Law Rule of Procedure 12.285 governs mandatory disclosure of certain documents that need to be exchanged in a family law matter. I would recommend you read the rule. Bank statements are items that are required. If he fails to provide then you should file a motion to compel, request the judge enter an order compelling him to disclose within so many days and see if he provides at that point.

I would also recommend retaining the services of an attorney if at all possible.

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There are many online sites with the forms you will need. If you google "Florida Family Law forms" you can find the subpoena you are looking for. It is much easier and faster to get the documents from the bank then to wait for your ex to provide the documents or for the Court to finally get him to produce the documents. Even if he produces it, it is likely he will withhold the most important statements