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How can I (me the "child") put the child support money under my name?

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My father is still paying child support and I am 20 years old already. Is there any way that I can put the child support money under my name instead of my mothers name? Because I never see a penny out of it. I just found out recently that when my dad did his income tax, my mother received some money out of it. She spent the money without even telling me that the money came in. Mind you, I am 20 years old, I think I am grown enough to be consulted with before spending the money like that. I feel like this is unfair. I love my mom but she is very sneaky when it comes to this. If there is justice out there, I'm calling your help, please!

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You do not have a claim to the support. In the eyes of the state, you already received the support of your Mother. She is receive recompense from your Father.


It sounds like your Mother received part of your father's income tax return because he probably owed her past due support. YOU have no claim for the back support your Father may owe your Mother.

The answering of this question is just friendly advise, and in no way legal advise. For legal advise you should contact an attorney with detailed information about your situation, so he or she can better assist you.


It looks like that your Mom is being paid the "arrears" that are owed to her for past due Child Support. The money she received from the IRS is money that is owed to her for and during the time that the Child Support was not paid when you were a minor.
Even though the ongoing Child Support requirement has ended, the arrears are still owed to her and can be enforced through the Courts to be paid.

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