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How can four people be indicted with murder?

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They are trying to indicted four people with murder; one made a phone call , one was the driver, one was the passenger and the other one did the shooting. All was indicted with murder but now that one out of the four turn state, they have drop his charge because he is cooperating with the police and the other three are still indicted with murder. The only evidence they have on the case is his statement. At first he said he was at the scene but had no knowledge of what was about to happen, but now change that he knew what was going to happen. How is his statement creditable? and How can they all be indicted and convicted with murder if its only one shooter.

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First, do NOT discuss any more facts about this case ANYWHERE on the internet, because anything you post can be used in court. 4 people can be responsible as conspirators for the same crime. Best to speak with an experience local attorney in the area who can sit down with you and discuss this matter in a priviledge setting.

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Thank you very much for your advice. It was helpful.


All can be charged if they all acted in concert with one another. Did each have the intent to commit the crime and did each say or do something to assist in the commission of the crime? If so, they can be charged and possibly convicted.

They need good representation.


William Daley is correct. Do not discuss the specific facts of this case with anyone else, except an attorney who is experienced in criminal defense and has done murder defense cases before. Everyone can be charged as conspiracy, which carries the same penalty as the actual act itself. You should retain someone to investigate the case, and develop facts that will assist in your defense.