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How can family member get to talk to court appointed attorney for offender with bipolar, before judge makes decision on MTR ?

Edgewood, TX |

Offender not cooperating with family, and may not tell court appointed attorney how to contact us. How can we get 'in touch' with and talk to court appointed attorney for offender with bipolar to give attorney details, before outcome is decided by judge.
Offender is over 21.

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If the attorney believes that the person is not capable to help on his defense, the attorney has to tell the judge. Otherwise, is the defendant's prerogative if he wants help or not.


You can go to the courthouse & look through the clerk's file, or inquire of the clerk (I am not in your particular area of Texas) to determine who the lawyer is. The lawyer cannot tell you anything, but you can tell the lawyer whatever you care to tell the lawyer. It is best to put it in writing and mail it to the lawyer certified mail, return receipt requested for future use if needed. You can also appear in court. The lawyer cannot talk to you about the case if his client does not give him permission (but that does not stop you from making the effort to provide information.

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