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How can an uninvolved party obtain a copy of a police report (Domestic Dispute also involving a minor)?

New Orleans, LA |

How can I obtain a copy of a police report involving a domestic dispute and a minor. I was NOT involved in the case but the case is against my ex assaulting his ex-girlfriend and her child.

However, this report may help my CS case in my current state of residence regarding my request against visitation with my child. Despite my Ex's constant domestic disputes, I still need to prove that my ex could be a danger to our child.

I do NOT have money for a lawyer to subpoena the court records or report, therefore, I am going Pro se. How can I obtain the records or report on my own?


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Contact the Clerk of Court where the case was handled. The Clerk's office will be able to provide you with options to retrieve those documents, if possible. If you are only wanting the police report itself, you need to contact that police department and inquire about the procedures for obtaining a police report. There are costs involved with both procedures and some offices only allow for copies if you appear in person and make the copies yourself.

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Hi Ms. Garland: I went to the NOPD records division and was told that I can't get a copy of the police report because I was not involved and plus a minor was involved with the case. They advised me to get a lawyer to subpoena the police report but obviously, I can't since I can't afford one.

Tiffany Dianne Garland

Tiffany Dianne Garland


Unfortunately, that sounds correct. Not all matters are public records in Louisiana. However, you may want to check with the state police. I know in some states you can pay a nominal fee for a persons criminal record. See if the State Police here in Louisiana allow this. I do not practice criminal law, so I am not as familiar with criminal laws in Louisiana as someone who does practice criminal law.



Thank you very much

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