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How can an Attempt/Conspiracy to VGCSA charge be dismissed? (After reading the details)How long would this process take?

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In this case 39 individuals was indicted on Attempt/Conspiracy to VGCSA charges. 23 of the 39 was federally indicted, whereas my brother was among the few whose charges remained with the State. He intially had a 2nd charge, Use of Communication facility for criminal use, but it was soon dropped. They have 2 recorded conversations of my brother but the conversation does not include ANY criminal activity; however, his codefendant as well as the states informant linked him to the case by accussing him to have participated in drug purchases. His defense attorney stated that the case is weak, but how could the case be won? Furthermore, he has been incarcerated for 6mos and denied bail because of the use of his first offenders act and his current presents on felony probation.

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There is no such thing as a "motion to dismiss based on weak evidence." That is what the trial is for.
And, there is no way to explain "how the trial can be won" without knowing each and every fact of the case. Criminal trials involve hundreds if not thousands of variables. You just need to make sure your brother's lawyer is experienced and knowledgeable enough to deal with those variables.
Good luck.


As you have indicated he has an attorney, this is something that you should be asking of that individual.

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Your brother should follow his attorney's advice.

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