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How can a US Ctzen spouse accused of abusing alien spouse in I-360 show evidences to USCIS to prove accuser is the real abuser?

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Once all attempts to help my spouse gain a green card had failed due to J1-foreign residency violation, she became like a Fighting Bull. She then started hitting me bad (a sure way to provoking me into hitting her back, which I categorically turned down). Then I realized that she was desperately forging physical evidences for VAWA application. She got caught several time taking pictures of forged bruises. Since VAWA allows alleged abused aliens to lie on U.S. Citizens, she went ahead and filed I360. She is now immodestly laughing and telling friends she got me as if it was a … game! How can I show hard evidences of me being beating by accuser to USCIS to prove accuser is the abuser and is abusing the system to stay in the US? How this can be done? What to send and where to send evidences?

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The real question is whats your objective in doing this? If what your alleging is true, then she comitted a fraud on USCIS. Anything you write, show or say to them is going to be viewed with a high degree of suspicion since you are an interested person. Your motive will be judged on revenge and as an ulterior one instead of objectively trying to clarify the issues. The VAWA Unit is located at the Vermont Service Center, (chek there for the address). I don't think it is going to bring you any closure and the result you may seek. The VAWA unit keeps the information on victims confidential.