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How can a TV show like this legally mislead/lie?

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There's a show airing now called "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta". It's about the lives of women with various associations with the entertainment industry. Their associations range from their own endeavors, to connections with an "Industry" spouse. This season there's a sketchy storyline. It's been speculated a cast member willingly produced a professional sex tape, got paid for it, and had it released. The show understood this, and approved of its coming. If so, it was a willed contractual deal. On air she's playing it off as a "leaking" of private footage. The show is creating a forced story line around it, and it's inauthentic.

If a show advertises itself as a reality show, how can they have skewed or entirely fabricated content? Wouldn't they be forced to categorize their show under something else? What legal loopholes can they use to air staged content?

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Why do you care? Smell a flower, take a walk in the rain, paint a picture. Move on.

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If you have no involvement and no damages, it's really not worth our time tio get involved. If you do, then explain your hypothetical better, please.

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I find it hard to believe that you are just realizing that vast majority of "reality" TV is utterly scripted.

I am not sure where the line is, regards to your legal question. I suppose that it is quite possible that the producers may run afoul of FTC or perhaps FCC guidelines by mis-advertising a program, but I also agree with the others that it is not worth belly-aching about unless you are in some way financially injured as a result.

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Natoli-Lapin, LLC

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As one who represents clients in the reality show space, let me give you some truth: Reality shows are heavily scripted and there is nothing illegal or misleading about it. In any event, how does this cause you any harm? I hate to shatter your illusions, but there is not such thing as an unscripted reality TV show.

I am not your lawyer and this is not intended to be legal advice on which you rely. My answer is merely intended to assist you in understanding some of the issues that you face so that you can make an intelligent choice when you hire legal counsel.

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